First class in session!

For a couple of weeks, Anu, my partner, and I have been meeting up and trying to visualize our first art enrichment class with GirGeeks. We discussed finances, times, and materials; even though this took dedicated time, I was truly excited to see the outcome of all our hard work. Now that it has been a week from our first class, I can reflect on how exhilarating it was to teach our students about our knowledge on the different aspects of art.

So far in the GirlGeek program, I have learned on how to schedule and plan out an event, and I have overcame the awkwardness of teaching a class. These skills have allowed me to do my own event planning and having the confidence to encounter obstacles on the way.

The only thing I would change for our next class on Monday, July 29, is to create a step-by-step process for teaching a certain art theme. This will give me the ability to pause at appropriate times to help the kids with any problems they might have.

Please join us for Monday for more fun and exciting art enrichment! Art Class Registration

“A work of art is the unique result of an unique temperament.” – Oscar Wilde

~ Nadia Lanique