GirlGeeks: Financial Literacy First

Each girl that joins the GirlGeeks program, begin their journey with an online personal finance and banking class called Banking on our Future (BOOF). BOOF is provided by a global non-profit organization called Operation HOPE.

Financial Literacy is our first priority for GirlGeeks. We as mentors cannot begin teaching girls about entrepreneurship before making sure they understand the basics of managing money.

Once the girls complete the BOOF personal finance and banking course, they receive a certificate of completion and $25 to open a new savings account. Thereafter, the girls can apply to participate in our GirlGeeks Matching Funds program, which will allow them to earn $1 on every dollar saved up to $125.

The GirlGeeks program ensures that every girl that participate in the program has the financial resources to start their entrepreneurship journey.

We would love to offer a free financial literacy workshop for your youth (girls and boys). Please contact Natina Marie at or 404.585.7022 for more details.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin